Earthwize Foods Update

Earthwize Foods Update

I just wanted to write a quick update on Earthwize Foods’ aquaponics systems and where we are headed. To date, we have constructed 4 aquaponics systems in Colorado as demonstration and customer units. We will be building a large unit in Guatemala next month, as well as 2 more in Denver. We are excited about how fast word is spreading about aquaponics, the ability to feed people healthy food, lower their food costs and provide greater food security!

Unfortunately, due to some scheduling issues, we will not be conducting our aquaponics training for businesses and non-profit organizations in June. We hope to reschedule this training to later in the Summer or early Fall. Please subscribe to our blog or send us an e-mail if you would like to receive more information on the training.

Finally, we have a tour of our facility this Friday at 5:00 PM. The address is 505 Popes Bluff Trail, Colorado Springs CO 80907. We would love you to join us to see our facility and get excited about aquaponics!

We are selling various sizes of household systems and would like to help you take back control of your food! Please contact us, for more information 🙂

Check out a couple of our household systems Below!



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