Economic Sustainability

As climate change occurs, global food costs will continue to rise. By eliminating your need to purchase organic vegetables, aquaponics systems pay for themselves within a few years. Your food costs will become a fraction of what they were before. You can even sell the excess vegetables and fish for additional income! Aquaponics is so efficient at food production because it is based on natural processes. Fish produce natural nutrients and chemicals through their waste that vegetables need to thrive. In turn, vegetables filter the water so that fish can live in a healthy environment. By compacting this natural process, vegetables like lettuce, which usually take 60 days to mature, now only take 30. Energy costs are 70-90% less. And in the same space, aquaponics produces a yield 400% greater than conventional methods. All this combines for an incredibly vibrant economic opportunity for your family to save or earn money while eating healthily and taking care of the environment.