Health Benefits

A healthier lifestyle is an obvious benefit of aquaponics. Organically grown produce contains higher nutritional content than commercially grown counterparts including essential vitamins and minerals. Organic vegetables also retain these nutrients for longer, allowing our bodies to absorb them easily. By eating organically grown produce, we maximize our nutrient intake from food, making us eat less because we feel full. You will lose weight, feel better, have more energy, and have a stronger immune system, not to mention the mental and emotional benefits!  


Chemicals, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers common in our food today are not good for us. Studies have shown that many commercially grown vegetables have detectable levels of pesticide residue left when we purchase them. Even illegal pesticides are entering our products. These chemicals can cause a host of health conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, behavioral disorders, birth defects, obesity, and cancer. The food we’re eating is slowly poisoning us and for far too long we’ve had no idea! It’s time to reclaim food production for ourselves and the next generation.